Wendy IS WRITING the book, Calm, for herself, her mom, and for every other anxious person on the planet.

Calm is a collection of hundreds of ways you can heal your anxiety without medication.

Why isn’t there something for practitioners to hand to their anxious clients to try before they start talking about medication?

1995 | Diagnosis - A New Beginning.
My cancer, a personal experience. 

In 1995, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The physical treatment was tough, but the fear and worry were much more difficult to deal with. I’d always been a worrier, but this fear was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. I felt alone, until I found books by people like Cheryl Richardson, Susan Jeffers, David Burns, and Aaron Beck. As I read, I realized I wasn’t the only one who was afraid. Better yet, there were all sorts of easy, effective ways to cope with my fear.

2010 | Educated - and Prepared. 
Ready for what came next.

In 2006, I went back to school to study psychology. When I graduated, four years later, I was on top of the world. I’d already joined a small practice, as a psychotherapist, and was looking forward to living the peaceful life I’d always longed for.

Two days later, my doctor called to tell me I had leukemia. Cancer again. 

I felt the same fear as I had fifteen years earlier, but this time I had a tool kit filled with ideas and techniques I could use to make myself feel better. 

This time, dealing with cancer was much easier emotionally.

2014 | It's time to Change the Paradigm. 
When it doesn't exist, create it. 

Why aren't there similar preventive resources for anxiety on the desk of every PCP and mental health professional in this country, something they could hand to their anxious clients to try before they start talking about medication?  

The book would be a collection of the hundreds of ways to soothe anxiety. The book would be fun, encouraging, with loads of hands-on ideas written in simple, easy to understand directions. That book is Calm! 

2012 | What's wrong with this picture? 
My mother's addiction. 

I learned my eighty-seven year-old mother was addicted to a generic form of Xanax, and had been addicted for seventeen years. How could this have happened?  Why hadn’t she been given some options to deal with her anxiety that didn’t involve medication? What was wrong with this picture? To my mind, everything was wrong.

Doctors have reading materials in their offices on diet, exercise and other life-style changes geared towards an approach of “Here, try this first. See if you can bring those numbers down on your own. If that doesn’t work, we’ll try medication.”


2017 | Calm. 
A resource built from personal and professional experiences 

I sat down to write Calm for myself, my mom, and for every other anxious person on the planet.
Calm is divided into the following sections:

  1. Name Your Anxiety defines anxiety. 
  2. Claim Your Anxiety explores the specifics of your particular anxiety. 
  3. Reframe Your Anxiety discusses how to ease anxiety by changing your thoughts. 
  4. Tame Your Anxiety offers twenty-six sections of specific tools and techniques to physically manage your anxiety.
  5. Create Your Own Anxiety-Free Day suggests ways for you, the reader, to put the tools you’ve been reading about to work in your daily life.
  6. The C.A.L.M. Plan for Eliminating Anxiety One Day at a Time is a program for creating a calm-centered future.


Calm and its companion CD will be available soon.