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Things are Looking Up

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

You’re feeling crummy. You’re stressed. You’re anxious. You didn’t get the job. Your car is making that funny noise again. The diagnosis wasn’t what you’d hoped. Nothing ever goes your way.

No matter what’s going wrong in your life, there’s something you can do in the moment to instantly feel better.

And here it is.

Begin by focusing on what’s making you anxious. Really get into it. Wallow. See how lousy you can make yourself feel. How low can you go? Then, when you’re near or at rock bottom, rate your feelings on a scale from one to ten (one being “I’m feeling completely calm,” and ten being “I’m unbearably anxious.”)

Are you at four? Seven? Are you ready to change that?

Okay, here comes the magic.

To instantly feel better, all you have to do is:

       1.      Inhale deeply and look up.

       2.     Hold your breath for a count of three.

       3.     Then, as you exhale slowly through your nose, notice how your belly softens, your shoulders lower and the tightness in your chest eases.

       4.     Repeat until calm.

That’s all there is to it. To feel better just breathe, look up and let go.

Not convinced? Why not give it a try?



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