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“If you knew you could handle anything that came your way, what could you possibly have to fear? The answer is nothing.”
Susan Jeffers


Calm and Sense:
A Woman's Guide to Living Anxiety-Free

Are you anxious? You're not alone!


In her book, Calm & Sense, Wendy Leeds empowers you to create profound and lasting changes in your life. The latest research, combined with her own personal story will help you support you in managing your own anxiety.

Calm and Sense is a practical, well-researched guide that helps women of all ages deal with their anxiety. It includes up-to-date research on all aspects of women’s anxiety: Its causes, the impact it has on their lives and the techniques that work best for them.

Written by a licensed psychotherapist who knows what it’s like to be anxious, Calm and Sense offers a broad range of techniques for dealing with anxiety, including: Sound psychological approaches, physical techniques and lifestyle changes, as well as stories of how other women have faced and eased their anxiety.

Calm and Sense is the beginning of an important conversation about women and anxiety. 

Creating a Calm Day

Let Wendy’s meditiation CD, Creating A Calm Day, be your daily guide to living a peaceful, joy filled life. No matter what challenges face you today, this CD offers guided meditations, soothing music, and a safe place to heal your heart. The tracks include


  • Awake: Begin your day with a morning meditation certain to bring a sense of optimism and hope to the hours ahead. 

  • Affirm: Use the powerful affirmations any time you want to shift your focus from negative to positive. 

  • At Peace: Turn to this amazing three-minute meditation to reduce anxiety and restore calm in the face of daily stress. 

  • Alert: For those late afternoon slumps, or any time throughout your day you lack energy, recharge with the five minute meditative/acupressure boost. 

  • Amen: End your day with this beautiful meditation technique which will encourage a deep, restful night’s sleep. 

Creating a Calm Day PREVIEW - Wendy Leeds
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Wendy Leeds Anxiety and Panic Help Videos Thumbnail

Videos to help guide you through your days with less panic.

Free Exercise Downloads

Wendy has compiled some of her favorite calming techniques into a series of downloads. The downloads are completely free, a gift from Wendy to help you "panic proof" your life.

“The thoughts we choose to think are the tools we use to paint the canvas of our lives.”
Louise Hay

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