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“Here’s to strong women.
May we
know them.
May we
be them.
May we
raise them.”
Author Unknown

Therapist. Author. Speaker.

With the compassion that comes from personal experience and the knowledge that comes from years of research and study, Wendy provides anxious women with the tools they need to naturally ease anxiety and empower women to live the calm centered lives they were born to live.

Wendy enjoys working with organizations to customize her talks to more effectively connect with members. Please feel free to contact her to learn more about how she can help your members deal with their anxiety.

"Wendy is a very upbeat and positive speaker with a calm and supportive tone. She is very knowledgeable and poses just the right questions to get you thinking. She adds her own special touch of humor that keeps you thoroughly engaged. I highly recommend Wendy as a speaker!" 
— Michelle


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  • TOPIC 1: Healing Anxiety Without Medication
    Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in this country. If you aren’t anxious, chances are you know someone who is. But what if there were ways to ease that anxiety without medication? What if you could find ways to start feeling better right now? Wendy has put together a research-based program that empowers people to understand how anxiety works in their brains. She helps them get to know more about their own anxiety and then to begin to heal it. In this hands-on, interactive talk you will: Learn how anxiety works in the brain Discover how anxiety impacts our lives Explore practical, simple techniques people can immediately put to work in their lives to reduce anxiety
  • TOPIC 2: Women and Anxiety
    Women in this country are overworked, under-appreciated and stressed. Feeling isolated and afraid, they may believe they’re the only one struggling with a secret fear or an unnamed sense of dread. But what if there were other women who felt the same way? And what if we got together and shared our stories and solutions? In this dynamic talk, Wendy explores: How anxiety works in women’s brains The causes of women’s anxiety and how it affects their lives The tools and techniques that work best for women How important it is to connect with each other, to share feelings and to begin a national discussion about women and anxiety
  • TOPIC 3: Healing Women's Anxiety Without Medication (for mental health professionals)
    What if, as mental health professionals, we had a better understanding of how women’s brains react under stress, and what causes women to be twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety? What if were able to add some new, powerful, physical anti-anxiety tools to add to our usual treatment plans? What if we could offer clients ways to start feeling better right in our office? Wendy answers those questions and more in this powerful keynote/lecture by focusing on: A nonjudgmental, open-ended discussions about gender similarities and differences The latest research on differences between male and female brains New statistics on what type of treatment approaches may work best for women A hands-on session where we explore a variety of acupressure points, qigong and yoga postures, the B.E.A.R. technique An opportunity to share techniques and tools fellow clinicians have found most effective in their practice

I’ve known Wendy Leeds professionally for nearly 10 years and have the utmost respect for her and her work.  Wendy has extensive knowledge, training and experience in the area of anxiety-related upsets in people’s lives and is passionate about helping in the recovery process.  Her recording is a gem and repeated listening to it will surely help anyone needing a calm and compassionate voice.


Wendy and I co-facilitated a women’s discussion group, so I have seen her in action. She speaks with authority, laugh-out-loud humor and a message that changes people’s lives for the better. I highly recommend her.

— Peg Doyle, Wellness and You

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