Wendy Leeds MA, CAGS, LMHC

Wendy is a practicing psychotherapist with both a professional and a personal interest in finding ways to heal anxiety without medication. She has dealt with anxiety all her life and knows what it’s like to live with the kind of worry and fear that make the smallest things in life difficult.  Please feel free to get in touch.


Education & Training

Wendy's publishing credits include two novels and a number of short stories. Learn more.

In addition to holding two graduate degrees, Wendy is a multi-published author and Certified Reiki Master.

A Diagnosis...Turned into a mission

In 1995, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent several surgeries and six months of chemotherapy. It was at that low point, that she began a life-long journey to create a calm, centered joyful life, for herself and others. She began by reading everything she could get her hands on about anxiety. Then in 2006 she went back to school to earn two graduate degrees in psychology. 

Over the years, she has assembled an amazing collection of tools, ideas, tips and techniques for dealing with anxiety without medication. She uses many of these tools in her own life, and is passionate about sharing them with others.

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