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Post-COVID Anxiety: Even Positive Change Can Be Challenging

Post-COVID Anxiety: Even Positive Change Can Be Challenging

If you suffer from anxiety like I do, you know that even a positive change can be challenging. It’s still change, after all – and those unknowns can cause fear and that clenched feeling in our chest.

Now as we start to re-emerge from quarantine this summer – a positive thing, to be sure – anxiety may take us by surprise.

We’ve all developed new habits over the past year, for better or worse. So now what? We’re faced with some lifestyle change, some logistical changes, and some lingering fears.

For instance, are you ready to eat in a restaurant again… indoors? Mask or no mask at a family cookout? What about the feeling that we are “rusty” and have to actually relearn simple social interactions?

Stress, stress, stress!

I could see this coming months ago (I’m a worrier after all), and I wanted to help with this. So I produced a series of podcast episodes to address some of these issues that we’re all going to be dealing with this summer.

Links are below; I hope you find some of these tips to be helpful. As always, please let me know – I love hearing from you in email, on Facebook, or Instagram.

We face our post-COVID world with a new sense of appreciation and gratitude for the things that make life good. Let’s be proactive about taking full advantage of it!

Here is the 3-part series:

1. Rebuilding Relationships Post-COVID

COVID put a strain on our relationships with friends and family. As we re-emerge from quarantine, there are 6 simple things you can do right now get back in touch with the people in your life and to make your transition back to in-person living easier.

Read the show notes / get links: Episode 30


2. Reclaiming Our Lives Post-COVID

What happens after COVID? Are you anxious about re-emerging into the unfamiliar landscape of a post-pandemic world? Here are 4 simple actions you can take right now to strengthen and empower yourself as we all get ready to deal with all the changes ahead.

Read the show notes / get links: Episode 31


3. Losing Those Pandemic Pounds

If you’ve gained weight during COVID, you’re not alone. It’s been a tough year for everyone, but that’s about to change. If you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off here are six steps to changing your habits and losing those pandemic pounds.

Read the show notes / get links: Episode 32


Go Further:

Download: Four simple techniques to help you fend off a panic attack or elevated anxiety. Print and pin it up – or put it on the fridge.

Read: My book, Calm & Sense, offers an array of tips for getting your daily anxiety under control. Click here to get your copy. "[S]imple and practical tools for coping with difficult circumstances." — Kirkus Reviews



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