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Book Review of Calm & Sense by Kirkus Reviews

I'm honored to have received such an excellent review from Kirkus Reviews, one of the most respected names in the publishing industry.

Here's the review, in full – published with their permission:

Book Review: Calm & Sense by Wendy Leeds

Reviewed by Kirkus Reviews on April 22, 2021

Leeds’ book offers examples, backed by research, of how to lessen anxiety and go with the flow.

At the start of the book, the debut author, a licensed psychotherapist, notes that her work is not intended to replace medical or psychiatric treatment and advises seeking professional help to deal with the effects of trauma or anxiety that occurs along with depression. In the pages that follow, readers can find simple and practical tools for coping with difficult circumstances. Even people who’ve had past experience with therapy are likely to find ideas in the book that they’ll find beneficial. A popular phrase in the world of psychiatry is “name it to tame it,” and Leeds seems to draw on this idea, attempting to help readers identify ways to “claim” and therefore “name,” their anxiety. Putting a name to stressful thoughts and feelings, this book notes, puts one on the path to lessening or eliminating them. The author helpfully includes specific tools for reframing anxiety via techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, self-help author Byron Katie’s “The Work,” and focusing on the positive. Leeds’ good-natured tone and sense of humor are evident throughout, with chapter titles such as “The Importance of Not Being Perfekt” that also manage to drive her points home. In the final section of the book, Leeds gives readers several detailed methods to “tame” anxiety, such as breathing exercises, meditation, and tapping exercises. Many of these will be familiar to readers, but other notions, such as finding time for play or simply doing a brand-new activity, offer helpful reminders for trying times. The book is geared mainly toward women, and early on, the author notes that “Women in this country are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety, and we’re much more likely to be put on medication than our male counterparts.” However, readers of any gender are likely to find useful support here in their quest for calmer lives.

An appealing guide to lessening anxiety and increasing overall wellness.

Calm & Sense is available on Amazon.


This article appeared first on Kirkus Reviews.



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